Christina Fitzpatrick

Christina Fitzpatrick was born in Yonkers, NY. She moved to New Port Richey, FL Thirty-three years ago. She has spent most of her life in Pasco County; she went to school, worked, started businesses, and created non-profits here. She is dedicated to making the lives of Pasco County citizens better. Christina has a strong love for education. She believes that solid academics form a basis for a strong life. Christina attended Ridgewood High School and graduated with honors. She then earned her Associate of Arts degree from Pasco Hernando Community College. Next, she moved on to the University of South Florida where she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration. Hard work and determination helped create Christina’s success. In addition to her duties as a Pasco County Commissioner, she also manages the operations of Miracles Schools. Miracles is a Pasco-based school, dedicated to giving quality education to children with special needs. She serves as administrator and principal of the school.

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Improving Pasco County

Commissioner Christina Fitzpatrick has relentlessly pursued improvement for our county and accomplished a great deal in a relatively short period of time!


Jobs Created

Responsible for approving investments in Santander, Moffitt, and Ensurem to secure 15,000+ new employment opportunities.


For Flooding

Secured for flood mitigation to provide immediate assistance to heavily affected areas.



Secured to further community development and improve the lives of Pasco's citizens.

$14 Million

Funding Request

Advocated for the expedited completion of the Ridge Road extension project to alleviate traffic congestion.

Protecting Pasco's Future

As Pasco County continues to grow Commissioner Christina Fitzpatrick has made smart and sustainable growth a priority. With an attentive focus on making the right initiatives to secure the future of Pasco's citizens and protecting the interests of local communities.

Commissioner's Team

Meet the team assisting Commissioner Fitzpatrick with her goals for our county and helping to faithfully serve Pasco County citizens every day.


Christina Fitzpatrick

Serving Pasco Faithfully Since 2020

Richard Jenkins

Serving Pasco Faithfully Since 2020

Executive Assistant

Todd Pillars

Serving Pasco Faithfully Since 2022


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